4-H Air Rifle SPIN Club Program Takes Off With the Help of the Pepin Sportsman Club

4-H Air Rifle SPIN Club for Pepin and Buffalo Counties took aim as they participated in the first session in a series of air rifle trainings.   The objective of this program is to teach shooting skills, safety and ethics for youth interested in shooting sports.   It provides a safe, controlled environment for learning responsible use of firearms.

Jim Schonke, a certified Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports Leader, is the program coordinator, along with Nicole Schonke, a certified 4-H Leader.  The program participants include Kennedy Carlson, Ava Caturia, Gabby Dusek, Devin Fetzer, Jacob Komisar, Cody Moline, Aspyn Pawlak, Scarlett Pawlak, Milan Pesic, Owen Post, Anders Seifert, Waylon Smith, and Kylie Vreeland.

A 4-H SPIN Club (Special Interest) is a bit different from the traditional 4-H Club. It is a club where four or more young people ages 9-18 gather with a volunteer for at least six sessions, learn about a selected topic of interest.  Topics can vary according to the volunteer’s expertise, and can include the natural sciences, science and technology, photography, music, gardening, shooting sports, and more.

The 4-H Air Rifle SPIN Club will continue through March of 2018, meeting every Tuesday evening from 6-7:30 pm, it is open to all 3rd grade and older youth in Pepin and Buffalo Counties.

4-H is a national youth organization that strives to educate its members to further develop their self-esteem, decision making, and communication skills.  4-Hers are known to have an inquiring mind, good leadership skills and a concern for their community.  The 4-H Shooting Sports Program strives to develop important life skills in young people, helping them to become responsible, happy, productive members of society.

For more information on the air rifle program or joining 4-H contact Marie Ritscher at marie.ritsher@ces.uwex.edu  or call the Pepin County University of Wisconsin Extension Office at 715-672-5214.