Panelists become trauma informed at State Teen Court Conference

Buffalo / Pepin County Teen Court panelists Trista Lay, MaKayla Saul and Rachel Seifert participated in the Wisconsin Teen Court Association Conference on Friday, November 3 at Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Together with their Coordinators, Marie Ritscher and Annie Lisowski, the panelists learned about Adverse Childhood Experiences and how to approach teen court cases with a trauma-informed lens. In addition, Lay, Saul and Seifert engaged in a privilege walk with teen court youth leaders and adults from across the state and developed new ideas for creative sanctions to utilize with peer offenders. The three pa nelists now plan to be part of a teaching team to teach their fellow panelists from Cochrane-Fountain City, Pepin, Gilmanton, Alma, Durand and Mondovi schools what they learned this winter.