Jordin McMahon Receives Scholarship For 4-H Involvement

By Laura Berndt, The Courier-Wedge.  This year’s recipient of a $500 scholarship, funded by the Pepin County 4-H Leaders organization, is Jordin McMahon.  

McMahon is the daughter of Josh and Becky McMahon and is from Arkansaw.  She is a senior student at Durand High School, and will graduate this May. McMahon has been an active 4-H member for 10 years, and says that the experience has helped her to grow as an individual, while also making a positive impact on her community.   

McMahon says that one of the aspects she enjoys most about 4-H is the opportunity to help others. “I just like helping people, and being a reference to others,” she said. “I like getting to know the community.” 

Through her involvement in 4-H, McMahon says she’s developed important skills that will benefit her in the future. “I’m definitely good at public speaking, and organizing,” she said. “I’m pretty good at running a group, and being able to relate to everybody. I also do a lot of problem solving.” 

In addition, McMahon also likes building connections and friendships with the people she’s met through 4-H. She’s especially enjoyed working with people at the Extension Office, because it allows her to stay engaged as a citizen of her community.

Over time, McMahon has served in multiple leadership roles, as a Club Officer, including President, Vice President and Treasurer of both her 4-H Club and the 4-H Senior Youth Council. In addition, she’s served on several committees, and has been a mentor to younger members of the Chippewa 4-H Club. 

McMahon has even been named “Outstanding 4-H Club Member” several times during the 4-H achievement programs. 

McMahon said that she has enjoyed serving as a camp counselor, and this will mark her fourth year as a counselor at Camp Kinnissippewa. Recently, she also helped with the Adopt-a-Platoon program, and the candy drive for military members. 

McMahon has also been an active participant in the Pepin County Fair, and has been involved with the 4-H Dairy Project. At the fair, McMahon volunteers her time in the Dairy Wagon, helps with raffle games, helps out with cookie decorating, judging, and more. She’s also organized and ran a Splash-Dash 5-K for two years. 

She’s also enjoyed several trips through 4-H, and represented Pepin County during her travels. McMahon has taken a 4-H related trip every year since she was 12 years old. Her most recent trip was to Washington D.C. for the Citizen Washington Focus: Presidential Inauguration trip in January. 

She’s also traveled to Chicago, Madison, New England, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Oregon, California, and Washington. 

McMahon also takes part in school athletics, and works three part-time jobs. 

Next fall, McMahon plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and pursue a degree in psychology, and would like to work with kids. 

Although McMahon will soon begin the next chapter in her life, she also hopes to stay involved with 4-H for as long as possible. McMahon will be a 4-H member for approximately one more year and, after that, McMahon plans to be an active 4-H alum. 

“I’d like to be a Club leader someday,” she said. “I think 4-H benefits a lot of people, and I think everyone should have the chance to do it.”