Soil Health & Cover Crops Workshop

Menomonie, Wis – The Dunn County Soil and Water Health Partnership will be holding a Soil Health and Cover Crops Workshop and Open House on Wednesday, September 2 at the Red Cedar Demonstration Farm (RCDF). The farm is located near the intersection of Hwy 12/29 East and Stokke Parkway, Menomonie, WI. This rain or shine […]

Schlosser Family

Pepin County Town & Country Breakfast Saturday, June 13

The 27th annual Pepin County Town & Country Dairy Breakfast will be held June 13 at Schlosser Dairy LLC W3798 County B, Lima Township. Breakfast will be served 7 to 11 am and will include pancakes, real maple syrup, local sausage, deep fried cheese curds, milk, pudding and ice cream. This free event is sponsored […]

Ray Archuleta Flyer

“Ray the Soils Guy” at Baldwin

Join other area farmers for this exclusive opportunity to ask Ray Archuleta, a.k.a. “Ray the Soils Guy” all your soil health, cover crop, and tillage questions. This will be a question and answer session follow-up of the Red Cedar Conference. Learn about soil health from one of the best!


Why Pasteurize? The Dangers of Consuming Raw Milk

Why Pasteurize? The Dangers of Consuming Raw Milk B. Ingham, University of Wisconsin-Extension, October 2014   Milk is a natural liquid food. It is nutrient-rich; it contributes high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, including calcium, to the diet. Since prehistoric times humans have used milk in many ways: to drink; to churn into butter; to […]


Drinking Raw Milk a Source of Illness in Local Students

NEWS RELEASE:  10/28/14  Drinking raw milk a source of illness in local students: UW-Extension urges consumers to avoid drinking unpasteurized milk.      A recent outbreak of illness tied to the consumption of raw (unpasteurized) milk sickened youth at a local high school. This has prompted food safety specialists with the University of Wisconsin-Extension to […]


Soil Sampling Season Just Around the Corner

Fall is the ideal time of year to conduct routine soil sampling of your cropland . Soil Samples provide information on the variation that exists in the field and show how nutrients are distributed across the farm, as well as provide a basis for monitoring the change in farm fertility over time.