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Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions may change to meet family needs

Families develop many holiday activities, events and rituals over the years. Some activities become family traditions and others fall by the wayside. As children get older, the schedules and demands of school, jobs and sports may affect their feelings about time-honored family traditions. One way for parents of teens and preteens to ensure that holiday […]


Talking About Turkey

Perhaps the biggest holiday meal of the year is just around the corner. Thanksgiving brings families together from far and wide to share a meal that often centers on roast turkey and all the fixings. To help you prepare the holiday meal, University of Wisconsin-Extension food scientist Barbara Ingham offers some helpful hints.  “Whether you choose a fresh or frozen turkey is […]


Why Pasteurize? The Dangers of Consuming Raw Milk

Why Pasteurize? The Dangers of Consuming Raw Milk B. Ingham, University of Wisconsin-Extension, October 2014   Milk is a natural liquid food. It is nutrient-rich; it contributes high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, including calcium, to the diet. Since prehistoric times humans have used milk in many ways: to drink; to churn into butter; to […]


Drinking Raw Milk a Source of Illness in Local Students

NEWS RELEASE:  10/28/14  Drinking raw milk a source of illness in local students: UW-Extension urges consumers to avoid drinking unpasteurized milk.      A recent outbreak of illness tied to the consumption of raw (unpasteurized) milk sickened youth at a local high school. This has prompted food safety specialists with the University of Wisconsin-Extension to […]

4-H Conference

4-H Achievement Program 2014

Pepin County’s 4-H held their Achievement Program at Arkansaw Elementary School on Sunday October 5, 2014. This year’s Achievement program celebrated the 4-H Centennial by recognizing our current Pepin County 4-H members and their accomplishments this year.

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Senior Nutrition Program of Pepin County Questionnaire

The goals of the Senior Nutrition Program of Pepin County are to promote the health and well-being of older individuals, reduce hunger and food insecurity, and promote socialization.  Due to county budget shortfalls, the county tax levy for the Senior Nutrition Program needs to be reduced, either by decreasing costs or increasing revenue. In order to […]

National 4-H week pic

Pepin County Youth Celebrate National 4-H Week

 National 4-H Week, October 5-11, 2014 will be celebrated across the country. 4-H youth are a living breathing, culture-changing revolution for doing the right thing, breaking through obstacles and pushing our country forward by making a measurable difference right where they live. Research has proven that participation in 4-H has a significant positive impact on […]